Shane Pennington's work engages the balance, and fragility, of essential dichotomies. Between the ephemeral and the enduring, nature and the human construct, Pennington's subjects are often skewed metaphorically and physically, prompting the viewer to contemplate life and its meaning from an alternative perspective. His use of many media and textures, from scultpure and painting to digital video, allows for a diverse artistic language. The resultant works conjure an energy that reflects upon life, death, cycle, and universal consciousness.

Shane Pennington is a Dallas-based artist and a co-founder of AURORA, a public arts organization working at the intersection of art, technology and community that presents works by the most visionary artists of our time. To date AURORA has attracted more than 300,000 visitors and has commissioned over 320 local and international artists. AURORA has expanded over the years from a small public arts organization to a multifaceted institution with the ability to give back to artists and creatives in the region. Pennington was a recipient of the “New Dallas Nine” award from D Magazine and has exhibited internationally at the Paddington Contemporary Gallery in Sydney, Australia and at Sur la Montagne, Berlin. He also counts many world-recognized institutions and corporations among his collectors, including Alana in Sydney, The Gaedeke Group, Caldwell Cassady & Curry, Autonomy, The Regis Corporation, Dallas City Hall, Moody Performance Hall, TEDxSMU, and JP Morgan Chase, by whom he was commissioned to install his work in the lobby of their flagship tower in Dallas.

"Much of the subject matter within my work is influenced from nature and its relationship to humanity and spirituality. I frequently draw inspiration from the unique geological area of the Texas Hill Country, where the landscape is both beautiful, yet at times arid and unforgiving. In contrast, within this struggle for resources, you will also see magnificent old oak trees. The landscape provides a base within my work as it reflects upon our struggles in life and purpose in life. I often contemplate a future point when our environmental state may be further depleted. This compels me to document, record, and draw inspiration from the natural world that is currently before us."



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