The Fern

The Fern | Living Fern, Poem, Chalk, iRobot | We Forgot What's What @ The Power & Light Building

Pennington's, "We Forgot What's What", was exhibited at the Off the Grid Group Art Show in Dallas, Texas. The exhibit was located in the Cedars neighborhood, which also houses Pennington's art studio.

One of the exhibition's notable installations by Pennington, features a unique performance: a living fern placed upon an iRobot. Late in the evening, as guests gathered at the Off the Grid exhibition, the living fern was set in motion to vacuum away a handwritten chalk poem titled 'The Fern'. The performance reflects upon the transience and delicate balance of the natural world.

The Bug Jar Chandelier and Bug Jar serve as evocative reminders of innocence and our childhood memories and interactions with the natural world. Much like collecting fireflies as children, it encourages us to turn our gaze inward and reflect on our relationship and impact on nature.

The Fern

Skip! Little fern
Your Mother can't help you here
We forgot what's what and we need a lot
Now find somewhere to live

Bounce Bounce! Little fern Can,t lift you up all is gone from blue We forgot what's what built a parking lot So green, time past, we knew

Jump Jump Jump! Little fern
Got no more to give?
We forgot what's what and we need a lot
Last life, last breath, last hue.